Spring at The Culinary Classroom

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All of us see spring as a time of new growth, new avenues of creativity to explore, new subjects to learn. My Master Chef Program starts this Saturday, April 1st at 10am. I teach everything from knife skills, sauces, pastas, vegetables, main dishes, to plating and presentation in this comprehensive program. Now is the time to invest in YOU and learn to cook like a professional chef and maybe even change careers! I have four seats left and I offer payment plans – just call my office or check my website for details. (310)470-2640 www.culinaryclassroom.com

On Monday, April 3rd at 7pm I start my Basics Series. Often called Home Ec for adults- this is where I teach you things you might not have learned as a kid – how to use a knife properly, how to use equipment to make things faster and more efficient in the kitchen so you will cook more; lots of great tips and tricks. Great dishes like herb-coated chicken and tomato herb sauce with orzo pasta, seared spice-crusted tuna with brown rice and edamame, homemade pasta and sauces, lots of fish meals and much more.

If you want to cook with less saturated fat and more whole grains, my Healthy Cooking Series is for you. Beginning Monday, May 1st at 7pm – you’ll make Bombay-style roasted whole fish with stir fried cauliflower masala; mushroom phyllo rolls with coconut jalapeno sauce and more healthy and delicious main dishes to get you ready for summer and eating better for life!

And for your kids, I have my very popular Children’s Culinary Academies starting in June – registration is active and ongoing so get your children enrolled soon as some sessions are already selling out. I look forward to teaching your kids some skills so they can make you dinner. Hopefully they’ll even clean up!

Let me show you how to invest in yourself with any of my classes! I look forward to having you in my kitchen soon.


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