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Cooking School
in Los Angeles, CA

Professional cooking programs, online chef classes, 4-week culinary series,
recreational cooking classes, team building events, and much more fun in
the kitchen. Don’t miss out!

Master Chef Video Cooking Program – Learn to cook!

Shop here for our 12-Episode Professional Chef Cooking Video Series! You’ll learn everything from Knife Skills to Plated Meals and Desserts! Come take a video class with Chef Eric from the comfort of your home kitchen – Cookbook with Recipes and Photos included!

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Culinary Classroom

Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom is one of the best cooking schools in Los Angeles. Chef Eric teaches hands-on cooking classes and gives you a technical education as a European-trained professional chef.

Cooking School in Los Angeles, CA

In 2003, Chef Eric opened his Los Angeles Cooking School as a place where aspiring cooks, chefs, bakers, and pastry chefs of all skill levels could find challenging and rewarding classes to suit their needs and elevate their love of cooking and baking. Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom offers a wide range of recreational and professional classes, with a calendar that is constantly updated to reflect current gastronomic trends and the needs of its customers.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning in an intimate environment, Chef Eric takes great pride in patiently focusing on each of his students to motivate them to reach their goals and develop superb culinary skills.


His humble attitude and ability to intently listen and provide encouraging feedback promotes a cohesive and productive learning environment. Chef Eric’s students include successful restaurant owners, professional chefs, caterers, personal chefs, home chefs, beginning cooks and children. Come to his West Los Angeles kitchen to enjoy his knowledgeable and welcoming style of teaching.

People can derive a great deal from the art of cooking. The ultimate reward for me is seeing the sense of confidence and pure joy that my students experience when they master the life skill of cooking through my instruction, and to help other chefs follow in my footsteps and create their own businesses and careers, — Chef Eric.

Cooking Programs We Offer

Master Chef Cooking Video Series

These online cooking classes provide you training videos plus PDF Cookbook that includes menus, specific instructions and photos. This training is great for aspiring beginners as well as advanced cooks. You’ll learn everything from Knife Skills to Plated Meals – you’ll be an expert in no time! (Can purchase individual classes with individual cookbook)

Professional Chef Program

12-Week Master Chef Certificate Program


Professional Baking Program

 8-Week Master Baking Certificate Program


Chef Cooking Video Program

 12-Episode Professional Video Series w/Cookbook 


4-Week Cooking Series

Cooking Series.
Join the FUN!


Recreational Classes

Cooking and Baking for everyone.
Adults and Children.


Team Building Events

Private Cooking Parties for
Corporations and Families.

SHOP here -Chef Eric’s Favorite Equipment

Shop here for Chef Eric’s favorite equipment, cookware, gadgets, tools, and MORE!


Give a gift of cooking skills. They will appreciate it for a lifetime. Our certificates never expire.

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Welcome to Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom! Discover our exciting calendar of cooking classes and events. Simply click the link to download the calendar PDF and choose the cooking classes or events that interest you the most. Let’s embark on a delicious culinary journey together!

Download Catalog

Embrace your culinary curiosity! Access our comprehensive catalog of cooking classes and culinary events, filled with opportunities to explore the art of cooking, pastry making, baking, and beyond. Come prepared with your creativity and any questions you may have, as we embark on a delightful journey of flavors and skills together. Let’s unleash the chef within you!

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