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Online Cooking Classes Master Chef Cooking Video Program + Cookbook and Bonus Handouts

Master Chef Video Program and Cookbook/Recipes/Photos PROMO CODE: special45 45%OFF NOW $197

Learn fundamental skills, and methods of cooking with an emphasis on ingredients, theories, and techniques in your own home. You’ll learn everything from Knife Skills to Plated Meals – you’ll be an expert in no time! These classes provide you training videos plus E-Cookbook that include menus, recipe instructions and photos.

This training is great for beginners and advanced cooks. Both adults and teens will enjoy these Video Cooking classes. If you’re passionate about cooking and ready to boost your confidence in the kitchen, you came to the right place. Chef Eric created this series for you!

You’ll also receive these bonuses:
• Chef Eric’s Knife Care – Knife Cuts Document
• Chef Eric’s Kitchen Equipment – Supplies List
• Chef Eric’s Kitchen Staples List
• Chef Eric’s Conversion/Measurement Chart


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EPISODE #1 – Knife Skills – it all starts here

Knife Skills – We’ll cover the selection, use, sharpening, and care of knives – especially the French (or Chef’s) knife. I will demonstrate how to sharpen knives following the Professional Chef’s guide to knives. We will learn how to cut or shape vegetables – julienne, mince, chop, and dice.

EPISODE #2 – All About Stocks – the foundation of cooking

All About Stocks – Learn the secrets of flavorful stocks and strengthen your foundation as a Chef. Starting with standard mise en place, we make Vegetable, Beef and Chicken stocks. You’ll get familiar with seasonings and aromatics used in stocks, soups and sauces.

EPISODE #3 – Grand Sauces – versatile sauce making

Grand Sauces – Sauces are the primary foundation of many dishes, and this building-block episode is an essential part of a Chef’s education. This episode opens your eyes to the elegant power of clarified butter and roux and how they are used to elevate hollandaise, béchamel, and velouté sauces to luscious new levels.

EPISODE #4 – Breakfast and Eggs – an essential ingredient

Breakfast and Eggs – Traditionally hailed as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is also a vital part of the foodservice industry as well as in our everyday lives. This session covers a couple of different ways to prepare eggs: Fines herbs omelets and Eggs Benedict-poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Who says breakfast can’t be for dinner?

EPISODE #5 – Vegetables – cooking vegetables

Vegetables – In a world that is increasingly aware of nutrition and healthful choices, knowing your vegetables is a must in any chef’s education. They are increasingly used as main dishes and can also serve as side dishes. Vegetables and the unique cooking techniques that serve them best will be discussed in this episode, as well as product quality, freshness, shelf life, and storage.

EPISODE #6 – Potatoes – how to cook them

Potatoes – Versatile and important, potatoes take their place in the spotlight in this episode. Several different cooking techniques will be discussed and practiced, including potato purée and sautéed potatoes. Most restaurants utilize a variety of potato side dishes for every menu they offer; you will learn those cooking techniques today.

EPISODE #7 – Pastas – fresh pasta for memorable meals

Pastas – Pasta is generally made with ingredients that are inexpensive and easily stored in the kitchen. Students get to dig in with Chef Eric to learn the basics of dough mixing and create dishes such as Fettucine Alfredo, Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce and Vegan Spinach Pasta. Seasonings and herbs are added to change the color, taste, and texture of the final product.

EPISODE #8 – Appetizers – start your meal with appetizers

Appetizers – A classic that is continually reinvented, appetizers are an essential part of any chef’s culinary education. This episode focuses on dishes that can function as first courses in a multi-course meal, as well as small items that can be served at a cocktail party or a small catered affair. Marinades, sauces, and vinaigrettes are all given their due.

Episode #9 – Dry Heat Cooking Methods – sautéing and roasting

It’s time to start putting all the culinary knowledge you’ve gained in the previous episodes together. This episode covers dry heat cooking methods such as sautéing, roasting, and stir-frying. We prepare, cook, and serve a complete meal consisting of a protein, starch, and vegetable, utilizing the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the previous cooking episodes. Meal plating and presentation are key components as you eat with the eyes first.

Episode #10 – Moist Heat Cooking Methods – quick braising and poaching

Moist Heat Cooking Methods – Poaching and braising using a court bouillon, are the primary focus for this episode. Moist heat cooking is used to produce flavorful dishes by gently cooking the item in various amounts of liquid. Students then use the same liquid to create a sauce for the finished dish. This technique does not normally start by searing the outside of the item. Therefore, a noticeable amount of flavor is transferred from the item to the liquid.

Episode #11 – Easy Elegant Meals – putting it all together



Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Lemon Caper Sauce

Roasted Garlic Shallot Smashed Potatoes

Roasting Shallots / Garlic / Making Pan Sauce


Pesto Nut-Crusted Roasted Salmon

Rice Pilaf with Onions and Leeks

Homemade Pesto / Roasting Fish


Pasta with Carbonara Sauce

Cooking Garlic / Bacon

Episode #12 – Easy Elegant Desserts – satisfying our sweet tooth



Chocolate Rum Mousse with Homemade Whipped Cream

Melting Chocolate and Butter / Whipping Egg Whites

Folding Egg Whites into Chocolate


Crêpes with Chocolate Sauce and Crème Chantilly

Making Batter / Cooking / Filling Crepes

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**** 5 Star GOOGLE Review “The Master Chef Video Cooking program is definitely one of the best ways to start, improve and develop your expertise at the Kitchen! Chef Eric has great experience and the format of the video series is really easy to follow and learn. 5/5 would recommend it if you are looking forward to improve your kitchen skills.” Paul Henriquez