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Online Cooking Classes We offer a variety of online cooking classes

Video Cooking Classes

Learn the fundamental concepts, skills, and methods of basic cooking with an emphasis on ingredients, cooking theories, and techniques in your own home. You’ll learn everything from Knife Skills to Plated Meals – you’ll be an expert in no time! These classes provide you training videos plus PDF handouts that include menus, recipe instructions and photos.

This training is suitable for aspiring beginners as well as advanced cooks. Both adults and teens will enjoy these online cooking classes. If you are passionate about cooking and are ready to boost your confidence in the kitchen, you came to the right place. Chef Eric created this series for you!

You will also receive these bonuses:
• Chef Eric’s Knife Care – Knife Cuts Document
• Chef Eric’s Kitchen Equipment – Supplies List
• Chef Eric’s Kitchen Staples List
• Chef Eric’s Conversion/Measurement Chart

Need more Info about Online Cooking Classes?

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Episode #1 – Knife Skills – it all starts here

Episode #2 – All About Stocks – the foundation of cooking

Episode #3 – Grand Sauces – versatile sauce making

Episode #4 – Breakfast and Eggs – an essential ingredient

Episode #5 – Vegetables – cooking vegetables

Episode #6 – Potatoes – how to cook them

Episode #7 – Pastas – fresh pasta for memorable meals

Episode #8 – Appetizers – start your meal with appetizers

Episode #9 – Dry Heat Cooking Methods – sautéing and roasting

Episode #10 – Moist Heat Cooking Methods – braising/ poaching

Episode #11 – Easy Elegant Meals – putting it all together

Episode #12 – Easy Elegant Desserts – satisfying our sweet tooth


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