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During his career as a chef and instructor, Chef Eric has been part of many events, organizations and productions in Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area. You can also read about his involvement with charities HERE.

Personal Chef Conference

The USPCA Personal Chef Conference attracts personal chefs from all over the country to network, pool resources, and learn as much as possible about the newest trends in the personal chef world. For the 2014 Conference held in Long Beach, Chef Eric was invited to give a presentation titled “Plating and Presentation”, focusing on how to make food visually appealing to clients.
Personal Chef Conference

One Direction Day

On November 23rd 2013, Chef Eric appeared on the televised fan event, One Direction Day. For a segment dedicated to Asian fans, Chef Eric prepared a mixture of appetizing and unappealing dishes as prizes and penalties for answering fan’s questions. Chef Eric prepared dishes like Indonesian Fried Rice, Korean Scallion Pancakes and Malaysian Chicken Satay for questions answered correctly, and if the boys of One Directions were unlucky enough to answer questions incorrectly, they had to eat Sheep’s brains, Tuna Milkshakes, Grasshoppers and Pigs Feet! See:

KCAL 9  Morning News and News at Noon

Chef Eric has participated in segments on both KCAL 9’s Morning News and News at Noon. His demonstrations have included recipes using his Sizzle and Smooth Spice Blends and how to flambé crepes.

KTLA 5 Morning News

Chef Eric has participated in segments on both KTLA 5’s Morning News. His demonstrations have included Game Day recipes, Mother’s Day Brunch and Super Bowl Sunday dishes.

Cosmo Times

Shanghai’s Cosmo Times joined Chef Eric in the kitchen to discuss why participating in a cooking class is much more fun than usual date night activities.