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Cooking Classes In Los Angeles, CA Chef Eric’s Specialty Recreational


Pizza Pizazz! Party – $150 Per Person

Friday 4/19/24


Join us for our exciting Pizza Class and unlock the secrets to creating mouthwatering pizzas in the comfort of your home. Get ready for an enjoyable evening of creativity as we dive into the world of this versatile dish with the following pizzas and more:

  • Traditional and Specialty Pizza Dough
  • Homemade Tomato Sauce
  • Alfredo Sauce Pizza with Herb-Grilled Chicken
  • Classic Margherita Pizza
  • Traditional Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

Discover the art of crafting the perfect pizza crust, and learn the techniques to prepare delectable sauces that will take your pizza creations to new heights. Whether you prefer classic flavors or want to experiment with specialty options, this class has something for everyone. Join us for a fun-filled and delicious pizza-making experience!


Knife Skills – $150 Per Person

Saturday 5/4/24

Saturday 6/15/24

Saturday 8/3/24

3:00pm-5:30pm – 4 Seats Left



Discover the art of professional knife skills in our Chop, Dice, Slice, and Julienne class! Join Chef Eric as he unveils the secrets to handling knives with precision and efficiency. Learn various knife holding grips, essential knife cuts, and valuable tips on how to choose, sharpen, hone, and care for your knives.

In this class, you’ll progress from basic cutting techniques to more intricate and decorative cuts like Brunoise, Paysanne, Batonnet, and Tourne. Mastering these skills will not only elevate the presentation of your dishes but also ensure that ingredients cook evenly and enhance the overall taste.

Work with a variety of vegetables and learn how to expertly cut Chicken Breasts off the Bone. Witness a demonstration of deboning a whole chicken, a useful skill for home cooks. The best part? You’ll put your newfound knowledge into action as you create a delicious meal to savor and enjoy at the end of the class.

Take this opportunity to hone your knife skills and elevate your culinary prowess. Everything will look and taste better when you cut with precision, cook with confidence, and present your dishes beautifully. Join us for a hands-on experience that will level up your cooking game!

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