Andrew N., Master Chef Program Graduate

As someone who longs to have the culinary prowess to create great dishes I have finally found the way!  Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom is exactly what I needed. With zero background in the kitchen I needed to start from scratch.  I needed a class where I could learn the basics about everything necessary to become a competent Chef.  Chef Eric fit the bill and I have not been disappointed yet.

The Culinary Classroom provides a great learning environment where I am able to feel comfortable and learn through Chef Eric’s interactive teaching. Every class is easy to follow with brief lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on prep and cooking.  I am having a blast and I feel like I am developing a solid foundation for my culinary future. I am learning about the Grand Sauces, knife skills, food/prep safety and I am only 3 weeks into the program. Each class allows us to prepare and cook a variety of dishes and recipes. The support staff in the kitchen make learning easy and pain free. I am having a great time and I can hardly wait for the next class.

If you have ever dreamed about learning, I mean truly learning the essence of great cooking, I would highly recommend Chef Eric and the Master Chef Program. If you’re not ready to commit to 16 weeks, try one of his 4-week classes where you will learn how to prepare some great dishes and get a tiny sample of what the Master Chef program consists of. The class is great and everyone in the class has a blast. I am having so much fun I couldn’t wait to write something. Bon Appetit!