Donna Barrow, Owner, Your Plate Or Mine, Master Chef Program Graduate

I began considering a new career in the culinary world and because I worked full-time in an office, I needed a program that was professional, personal, easily accessible and budget friendly. The Master Chef Program at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom fit the bill! Chef Eric has a passion for instruction and I greatly benefited from his vast knowledge of cooking, as well as from his experiences as a professional chef in restaurants and catering. The course was extremely organized with well-outlined and useful materials. It was because of this training, along with Chef’s constant encouragement, I gained the culinary “chops” (i.e. confidence) to seriously pursue a career in the food industry.

When I finally made the transition to full-time personal chef and started my company, Chef Eric became more than an instructor to me. He was a mentor as a small business owner and helped me to understand specifics like creating menus, costing recipes and marketing. Chef even gave me my first job as a kitchen assistant!  My business is in its fourth year and boasts a full complement of clients. I am now hiring other personal chefs and assistants to be part of the corporation and looking to mentor culinary students as Chef Eric mentored me.