Rosa Haiges, Master Baking Program Graduate

I completed Chef Eric’s Master Baking Program after college. I wanted to challenge myself to produce more professional-looking results; the course helped me accomplish that and much more. I loved the supportive environment and felt that my newly-acquired skills truly helped me turn a corner in my baking. Chef Eric needed some extra hands in the kitchen; I jumped at the opportunity to assist some of his classes and learn more about baking—a job for which I am eternally grateful. I am constantly learning at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom, and I am fortunate to work with people who share my enthusiasm for desserts and baked goods. I appreciate how this overall experience has contributed to my desire to pursue a career in the baking and pastry arts. Thanks to the education and training I have received here, I am ready to take a big step toward becoming a successful baking professional and will be attending the Culinary Institute of America early next year, as a member of the Baking and Pastry Arts Degree Program.