Mid Terms Approaching!

Since making Stocks in my last post, my Thursday night students have moved on to make Omelets, Souffles, Vegetables and Potatoes.  Now is the time when they are going to start to show me what they have learned.  My lecture will consist of a demonstration on how to de-bone a chicken breast and how to fillet a fish.  Then the students will be assigned their own fish or chicken to butcher and proceed to make a full meal with a vegetable and potato side dish.
Timing will be crucial during this class.  Students must analyze their recipes and decide what must be cooked first and what must be cooked at the last minute.  Garnishes must be chosen and attractive plating is essential.  During all this time, proper sanitation will be practiced by everyone.
A very exciting time is approaching for my newest Master Chef students.  If this type of learning environment sounds appealing to you, don’t forget to sign up for my next Master Chef Sessions.  I have new classes starting Tuesday Night, September 10 and Sunday Morning, September 15.  Choose what day of the week suits your schedule and don’t forget you can request to Audit a Class free of charge!