Stocks-A Foundation in the Kitchen

During the second week of the Master Chef Program, I explain why Stocks are so important in any kitchen, Professionally or at home.
My students will start by preparing their Mirepoix-learning what it is and even discovering that almost every cuisine has a variation of it.
Cooking the stock properly is vital.  Here students learn the difference between a simmer and a boil and why a stock should never be boiled.  In future weeks, we will make more stock and turn that liquid into sauces, soups and more.
Towards the end of tonight’s class, I will take a small amount of stock and fill two cups.  One cup will be seasoned with Salt, the other will remain unseasoned.  Every student will taste each one as a way to illustrate how Salt works to improve flavor.  By encouraging them to taste, then season and taste again-I hope to instill the practice of getting my students to taste their cooking as they proceed with a recipe.
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